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The Grill Master Special

Combo Special:

There stands a man, in front of a grill. He's got two hands, a cut o' meat and a bare chest. 

He slathers Mr. Pinch Cotton Candy BBQ sauce on the meat to create an elbow lickin’ treat! 

Wiping the perspiration off of his forehead with his BBQ bib, the grillmaster picks up his trusty Bug-A-Salt. One shot at a time he methodically picks off every fly in sight. 

Now time to celebrate with an ice cold beer!  His wife left the cap on, but not to fear; he has on his hip Mr.Pinch bottle opener...always near.


Single Yellow Bug-A-Salt 2.0 

Mr. Pinch Cotton Candy BBQ Sauce

BBQ Mr. Pinch Bib

Mr.Pinch Key Chain Bottle Opener

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$ 65.00