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Can I use anything besides salt in the BUG-A-SALT?

  • NO! Using other substances will cause problems with your gun. Warranty is voided if other substances are used.

 Is the gun dangerous?

  • No, only if misused: Do not shoot anyone in face or eyes. Treat it with respect like any firearm. It will not penetrate skin or damage furniture

What kind of salt does it use?

  • Any ordinary granulated table salt

Will the salt splatter the bug?

  • No, the bug will remain whole for easy clean up

How much salt does the gun shoot?

  • A pinch of salt

What is the accuracy range of the gun?

  • Within 3 feet is ideal. Practice accuracy by shooting aluminum foil to see salt spray pattern

How many shots before I need to reload?

  • The gun will hold about 50 shots before reloading

Will the Bug-a-salt Gun kill mosquitoes?

  • The Bug-a-salt is extremely effective at killing mosquitoes.

What is the best type of lubricant to use on the Bug-A-Salt?

  • Vaseline has been the most successful lubricant when it comes to taking care of the plastic. Apply on the handle of the cocking mechanism. WD 40 has worked optimally as well.

What if my gun breaks?

  • If your have received a defective gun, you have a couple of options. We have less than a 2% defective product rate with our current merchandise. With that said, unfortunately there will be a few guns that do not work properly. 
  • Our new troubleshooting video for the 2.0 will be posted soon. Please do not disassemble your BUG-A-SALT 2.0. 
  • If you are not able to repair your gun, Skell Inc guarantees the BUG-A-SALT will work perfectly and be free from defects for 90 days from delivery date.  

Can I return my BUG-A-SALT for a refund?

  • If you are unhappy with your purchase please let us know the details. We are happy to issue exchanges but all sales are final.